Test drive: Skoda’s new Octavia Combi gives SUVs the boot

It’s not easy to lure Irish drivers away from their beloved SUVs, but Skoda’s best-selling estate offers a great alternative

The Skoda Octavia Combi has everything we like about the previous generation of the C-segment five-door hatchback, plus a bigger boot that swallows 640 litres of luggage

Even in Ireland, a country where new car buyers shun the practical family estate car in favour of taller SUVs, the estate version of the Skoda Octavia does well. In fact, despite 2020 being a changeover year for the Octavia, the Combi model was still the best-selling estate car in Ireland.

And now there’s a new one, bringing with it everything we like about the fourth generation of Skoda’s C-segment five-door hatchback, but with a ...