Test drive: Mighty new Mustangs put the Pony Car through its paces

It seems wild horses won’t convince Ford to bring the exhilarating Shelby GT500 to Europe, but at least we get the exceptional Mach 1

The Ford Mustang Mach 1 can trace its lineage right back to the early days of the Pony Car’s legend, with the first example launching in 1969

We waited 50 years to enjoy the Ford Mustang in right-hand-drive form as an official import. The American muscle car, or ’Pony Car’ to be accurate, has since attracted plenty of takers in Europe thanks to its blend of easy-going charm, character and effortless speed.

Fans know this car is unlike anything you get from German and Japanese rivals, so they are going to be happy to be happy to hear that there are now ...