Recent deals indicate esports coming of age in Ireland

Munster Rugby has partnered with real-world F1 competitor Williams Racing and Currys, while Dublin-based Wylde has found a co-owner and ambassador in sprinting legend Usain Bolt

When Munster Rugby decided to move into simulated racing, it linked up with Williams, which has won seven Formula 1 drivers championships and nine constructors’ championships in its history

Anyone wondering if the growth of esports as a serious entertainment business was down solely to Covid-19 curtailing sporting events should consider two recent deals in Ireland.

Munster Rugby and Wylde, a Dublin-based esports business, have joined forces with established stars in real-world sporting arenas.

Munster’s esports division has launched a partnership with Williams Racing, the Formula 1 competitor, that it expects will unlock a string of new sponsors in the coming months. It has ...