My Story So Far

‘Passion and belief are contagious, and people are drawn to this’ – Kathryn O’Mahony, YMCA Dublin

Letting people know the real you and setting clear expectations are key to ensuring that any workplace challenges can be dealt with in a positive way, says Kathryn O’Mahony, chief executive of YMCA Dublin

Kathryn O’Mahony, chief executive, YMCA Dublin: ‘The vision can’t just be my vision – everyone has to feel a part of it and understand the reasoning behind it.’

Kathryn O’Mahony is the chief executive at YMCA Dublin, the community-based charity operating as a social enterprise, providing services for children, young people and families. She has been at the organisation for 16 years, joining first as a youth worker, then becoming director of operations before taking up the role of chief executive.

I’ve been in my current role for four and a half years. Before the YMCA, I worked as a youth worker in ...