Motoring: Under Rosie’s classic Mini bonnet beats a green heart

Electric conversions of classic cars are in high demand and now a zero-emissions version of the world’s cutest car has been commissioned to take tourists around London in a more eco-friendly manner

Mini gets a makeover: British company Electrogenic has replaced its rattly old four-cylinder petrol engine with a compact electric motor and two battery packs

Putting an electric motor in a bona fide classic such as the original Mini might not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s definitely demand for such conversions. As customers look to make their classics more eco-friendly, or even just more wallet-friendly, companies are springing up to bring their grand designs to life.

One such firm is Electrogenic, a British business that specialises in ridding pre-1990 cars of their polluting petrol powertrains and swapping in a ...