Motoring: Škoda fluffs its lines with new sporty electric vehicle

The Enyaq RS Coupé is impressive in many ways, but just too heavy to actually be much fun

The new Škoda Enyaq RS Coupé: likely to cost in the region of €54,000

Brace your corneas, because the Škoda Enyaq RS Coupé’s hyper green paintwork is about to give them a serious workout. It’s hard to think of another hue that hits your optic nerves with quite such vehemence. Then again, perhaps that’s appropriate — this Enyaq Coupé iV RS represents Škoda slipping out of its sensible shoes and into a pair of brightly-coloured trainers.

We know the RS brand. Since 1998, Škoda has been making sporty, rapid, ...