Motoring: Porsche attains driving perfection with the flagship Cayman GT4 RS

The GT4 RS proves itself to be the ultimate driver’s car – but it will cost you an eye-watering €212,000

The Cayman GT4 RS: not only is this one of the best coupés Porsche makes, but it’s one of the all-time great driver’s cars.

Truly driver-orientated cars have become an increasingly rare breed, and few manufacturers can claim to have a catalogue like that of Porsche. Almost without fail, every car the German company makes – be it coupé, convertible or SUV – is the most engaging and exciting car in its class.

And the Porsche 718 Cayman is a shining example of that, making the Audi TT look lumpen. So capable is the Cayman that it still leads ...