Making it Work: Sisters weather pandemic to put Kate’s Kitchen on the national map

Kate, Jane and Beth O’Hara, co-owners of Kate’s Kitchen, survived the lockdown restrictions by pivoting to online sales, launching a gift hamper range and increasing their focus on the grocery end of the business

Beth, Jane and Kate O’Hara, sisters and co-owners of Kate’s Kitchen in Sligo. Picture: Cathal Noonan

Over their 13 years in business, the sisters behind Kate’s Kitchen in Sligo have experienced everything from global economic crisis to pandemic-inspired national lockdowns. So it’s easy to understand why they’re reluctant to make long-term projections for their fine foods, grocery and gift store.

“It’s been such a roller-coaster that we don’t tend to plan too far ahead,” Kate O’Hara, director and co-owner of the shop, said. “We take it year on year. It’s a ...