Making it Work: Palliare medtech to ramp up US growth after pandemic disruption

The three-year-old company is aiming for $30 million valuation by 2024 with its technology to make operating rooms safer for surgeons and patients

Caroline O’Dea (Palliare) John O’Dea (Palliare) Dr Faraz Kahn (Mater Hospital Dublin) and Jennifer McMahon (Seroba Life Sciences) after recent funding round at Palliare - Credit: Allen Kiely

Palliare, a Galway-based company, is planning accelerated US growth after weathering the worst of the pandemic.

The medtech, which aims to make medical procedures safer by reducing the amount of surgical smoke in operating rooms, was founded in 2018 by Caroline Sherlock and John O’Dea.

It provides a smoke evacuation system known as EVA 15 to hospitals. The insufflation technology suctions off hazardous smoke produced during certain types of operations, and can be used in ...