Making It Work: First Shortcross whiskey raises the bar

Fiona and David Boyd-Armstrong of Rademon Estate Distillery are delighted with the success of their double-distilled Shortcross single malt, which won new whiskey of the year

Fiona and David Boyd Armstrong with their double-distilled Shortcross single malt. The first whiskey to be created in a Northern Ireland distillery in a century, it won new whiskey of the year at the recent Irish Whiskey Awards

The Rademon Estate Distillery is enjoying early success with its new whiskey, the first to be created in a new Northern Irish distillery in more than a century. Its double-distilled Shortcross single malt recently won new whiskey of the year at the Irish Whiskey Awards.

The couple behind Shortcross are Fiona and David Boyd-Armstrong, who set up the distillery in Co Down in 2012. The company is known for its Shortcross Gin, which is sold ...