Long read: ‘I’m going nowhere’: Jay Bradley’s fighting spirit

Jay Bradley has had an eventful journey as a serial entrepreneur in Australia, the US and New Zealand. Back home, his Whiskey and Wealth club has, he claims, been met with hostility from the whiskey establishment, but he insists he is in the business for the long run

Jay Bradley: ‘They’ve all tried to write me off as a newcomer who’s going to embarrass Irish whiskey’

In June of last year, James ‘Jay’ Bradley was on the verge of raising money for one of the biggest Irish whiskey deals in years. Then a blog helped to ruin it.

At the time, Bradley was not yet two years established, and had no history in the space, but he says he had secured the funding to buy the company behind Boann Distillery and Merrys Cream Liqueur from the Cooney family.

The deal would ...