Interview with Pat Lucey of Aspira: ‘People who are curious about a job will learn a whole lot more than those who just want to get the job done’

Aspira chief executive Pat Lucey learned from a mentor the value of surrounding himself with ‘learn-it-all people’, rather than know-it-all people

Pat Lucey, co-founder and chief executive, Aspira: ‘I always encourage people to have and to display intellectual curiosity.’ Picture: Cathal Noonan

Pat Lucey is the co-founder and chief executive of Aspira, the international consulting and technology company. He is the president of the Irish chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI), the not-for-profit professional organisation for project management.

I have worked in the technology sector for a number of years with companies such as Analog Devices, Siemens and Motorola. In 2007, along with my colleague Colum Horgan, I founded Aspira after Motorola, our employer, pulled out ...