How I work: ‘Take risks and back yourself, you don’t have to tick every box to put your hand up’

Pushing personal boundaries is what allowed Vodafone’s Sinéad Bryan to learn and achieve in her career

Sinéad Bryan: ‘The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my own career has been to trust myself more‘ Photo: Fergal Phillips

In brief:

Sinéad Bryan is director of business at Vodafone Ireland, a position she has held since May 2020. Bryan joined the company in 2016 as chief financial officer following a 13-year stint with Oracle. Vodafone entered the Irish market in 2001 and has 2.3 million customers here across mobile, landline, broadband and TV services. The company employs 1,200 people at its Dublin headquarters and at retail stores around the country.

In depth:

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