How I work: ‘Knowing that the HR function has a seat at the table shows me how serious a business is about its people strategy’

Companies that understand the importance of creating a good working environment, while engaging and empowering people, will benefit from a stronger employer brand and better performance

Natalie Smith, head of human resources at Stafford Lynch Ltd: ‘The best job interviews are the ones where people research the company and show that they have a willingness to learn.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

In brief

Natalie Smith is the head of human resources (HR) at Stafford Lynch Ltd., the Irish sales and marketing company. She was also head of HR at Carrolls Irish Gifts and worked at Lloyd’s Pharmacy.

In depth

Throughout school I was unsure of the career path I wanted to take. When I left, I went straight into retail and found it a good place to learn about business. I moved from the shop floor ...