How I manage: ‘I don’t fight battles I know I can’t win. You need to focus on change that is achievable’

Open communication works wonders when it comes to resolving issues quickly and efficiently, according to Allianz Partners’ Roland Hesse

Roland Hesse, managing director of Allianz Partners in Ireland: ‘Performance should be clearly measured and, more importantly, rewarded and celebrated.’ Picture: Fergal Philips

Roland Hesse is managing director of Allianz Partners in Ireland. Originally from Bavaria in Germany, the 55-year-old worked for Mondial Assistance in Britain for 22 years before relocating to Ireland in 2015. He was general manager at Mondial Assistance Ireland for four years until 2015 when it was rebranded as Allianz Partners and he assumed his current role. Allianz Partners sells insurance software and services to consumer-focused companies in the automotive, financial and healthcare sectors. ...