Home on the Range Rover: Next generation picks up where its predecessor left off

Opinion may be divided over the sheer size of the latest SUV but it is quiet, capable and comfortable – and meets all the demands of a luxury 4x4

From every vantage point, the Range Rover looks absolutely enormous: it’s more than five metres long and 1.9 metres tall, and two metres wide even when the mirrors are folded in. Picture: Nick Dimbleby

After practically inventing the luxury SUV, the Range Rover has become the standard by which all other such vehicles are measured.

Which is why the job of this next-generation model is to carry on where its predecessor left off, and show the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz how a proper luxury 4x4 should behave.

Yet, if you’ll excuse the pun, the new model is already on rocky ground. Its predecessor’s bulk and ostentatiousness were accepted ...