Ferrari owners skip the queue as Italy unleashes the Purosangue

Finally there is a Ferrari for every occasion, and while the brand would never be so vulgar as to chase market share, it now has a five-door SUV to compete with Aston Martin and Lamborghini

Ferrari’s new Purosangue begins at €390,000 in Italy and is likely to be a lot more expensive in Ireland

Almost 20 years after Porsche pioneered the “super-SUV” with the first Cayenne, Ferrari has finally joined the party with the new Purosangue. Although the fabled Italian brand would never call its new model an SUV – it prefers to think of it as a versatile five-door Ferrari – this car was clearly built to give customers an alternative to the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX.

But while the DBX was seen as the car ...