Comit makes a big commitment to staff wellbeing with four-day week

The Irish tech marketing and PR agency is bringing in a shorter work week as of May 1, because ‘happier staff are more productive’ says founder Allan Chapman

Allan Chapman, founder, Comit Marketing: ‘People who have more time to themselves get a boost in their general happiness. The research we have seen shows that it boosts productivity by 13 per cent.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

When Allan Chapman decided to research a possible move to a four-day week for Comit Marketing, he had to look abroad.

“We talked to two PR agencies, one British and one American, that had already done it because we couldn’t find an Irish one that had,” Chapman said. “We had come across the concept through companies we had worked with.”

Those companies were in the tech sector. Comit, which was founded in 1997 by Chapman, ...