Chris Wylie interview: ‘There are already several other Cambridge Analyticas out there’

The whistleblower, who exposed the 2018 global tech scandal, is on a mission to educate decision-makers about why cyber infrastructure needs comprehensive regulation and believes Ireland could punch above its weight in bringing the regulation of digital infrastructure in line with how we regulate other sectors

Chris Wylie, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower: ‘We’re a long way off even grasping the right vocabulary to describe the problems.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

Four years after the world found out he existed, Chris Wylie arrived in Dublin earlier this month as the story he revealed continued to play out at the highest levels.

The Cambridge Analytica whistleblower touched down just as Carole Cadwalladr, the journalist who broke his story in 2018, won a libel case brought against her by Arron Banks, the British multimillionaire who had backed Brexit.

Banks, who also funded the pro-Brexit Leave.EU campaign group, sued ...