2022: Make or break for Biden

With crucial midterm elections on the horizon, the increasingly beleaguered US president has his work cut out to get his Build Back Better agenda over the line in the face of vociferous Republican obstinacy. What will the coming year bring for him and his administration?

The January 6 storming of the Capitol Building in Washington DC was the defining political event of 2021 inthe US. Picture: Getty

Dr Oz in the Senate? Donald Trump in the dock? Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda on the scrapheap? Nancy Pelosi’s swansong as House Speaker? And a Supreme Court poised to ignite at least one cultural conflagration in a country so polarised that its centre has all but disappeared? Add the rampaging fifth wave of a global pandemic, the midterm elections and a host of foreign policy challenges, and 2022 promises to be a hugely ...