Red C Poll

Sinn Féin support down four points in first setback in over a year

Red C survey shows the party polling at 31 per cent, but other parties fail to capture ex-Sinn Féin supporters

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald: has been largely sticking to the strategy of criticising the government’s response to the housing and health crises on the one hand, and promising voters that her party will provide a real alternative on the other

For several weeks now, government backbenchers have been hoping against hope that Sinn Féin’s support is starting to ebb.

The latest Business Post/Red C poll shows that the party has suffered its first significant setback after more than a year of consistently strong polling performances.

It is down by four points to 31 per cent, which is its lowest support level since September 2021, when the party was on 29 per cent.

Mary Lou McDonald, ...