Red C poll: Warning signs for FG as support drops again, but FF’s slow recovery continues

There is a palpable sense of weariness about Fine Gael as it begins its 12th year in government, something which is being exploited by Sinn Féin and, to a lesser extent, by Fianna Fáil

Leo Varadkar: when the current Tánaiste was elected leader of Fine Gael in 2017, the sense was that as a fresh and modern face for the party, he would also be an election winner. To date, however, that has not proven to be the case. Picture: AP

Fine Gael has continued its steady decline in this month’s latest Business Post/Red C poll, registering its worst level of support since polling started back in 2005.

Alongside this, other trends have been further crystallised, including the slow recovery of Fianna Fáil, and the enduring dominance of Sinn Féin as the most popular party in the state by some distance.

Sinn Féin remains steady this month on 33 per cent, solidifying a four-month trend ...