McGrath and Donohoe walk fine line between extravagance and prudence

The requirement for Covid-19 supports to stay in place for the best part of two-years shows the risk in Budget 2023’s provision for most inflation related measures to cease by the end of February

Michael McGrath: ‘This budget seeks to strike the right balance with a range of targeted measures to help those most in need, universal supports and investment in our long term policy objectives.’

Each of Michael McGrath’s three budgets as Minister for Public Expenditure have been extraordinary.

Two of them were in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the third as energy price increases threaten to submerge households and businesses across Ireland.

McGrath is due to become Minister for Finance in December, and his tenure in the public expenditure role will be defined as one that ushered in a new era of state intervention.

While each of ...