McEntee’s husband wants more men to take six months of parental leave

Paul Hickey, the spouse of the Minister for Justice, has been granted the time off to raise their baby son by his employer, pharma firm Novartis Ireland

Paul Hickey: ‘Men kick on in their careers, and women take time off and then they don't get to catch up. I think parity of leave for parents is an essential ingredient for gender equality in the workplace.” Picture: Lorraine O’Sullivan

The husband of Helen McEntee is hoping that his decision to take six months of paid parental leave to mind their new baby will convince other men to do the same and other companies to facilitate it.

McEntee became the first cabinet minister to give birth during her term in office when the couple’s son was born last April, and the first to take six months of maternity leave.

Now her husband, Paul Hickey, has ...