McEntee moots extending pubs and nightclubs’ hours after pandemic

The Minister for Justice is examining staggered closing times to put an end to all licenced premises having to shut doors at same time

Helen McEntee, the Minister for Justice: ‘As part of my plan to build a justice system that works for everyone, I want to help and support these businesses as they get back on their feet’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Pubs and nightclubs could be allowed to stay open for longer once the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions are lifted, under a forthcoming government law.

The licensing laws in the country are almost 100 years old and require pubs to close at 11.30pm during the week, while nightclubs have to close at 2.30am.

Helen McEntee, the Minister for Justice, is drawing up a new law which could allow the opening hours for pubs and nightclubs to be ...