Increase in north-south trade could threaten the union, British Brexit Minister says

Growth in cross-border trade comes as a result of the Northern Ireland protocol and ‘weakens the links’ between the North and Britain, according to David Frost

European Union chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier with David Frost, the UK’s Brexit Minister, who has said that increased trade between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland could ‘put pressure on the union’ if it continues. Picture: Olivier Hoslet/AFP/Getty

An increase in north-south trade on the island of Ireland has been a consequence of the Northern Ireland protocol and may threaten the union, according to David Frost, the British Brexit Minister.

Frost was speaking earlier in the week at a side panel on Brexit at the Conservative Party conference hosted by the Policy Exchange, a right wing think tank. During the event, panel members said that the growth in north-south trade over the last ...