'I'm true blue Fine Gael' - Leo Varadkar

'I'm true blue Fine Gael' - Leo Varadkar

In an exclusive interview, the Minister for Social Protection hits back at claims he's "not Fine Gael enough"

Leo Varadkar divides opinion.

There is no doubting he is incredibly bright and articulate, but not everyone is a fan.

In the political world, some think he can be socially awkward, while others think his ambitions to be the next leader of Fine Gael are a distraction for the party.

Regardless, many ordinary people - voters - are big fans of straight-talking Leo, particularly after he had the courage to speak openly about his sexuality.

In this weekend's Sunday Business Post Varadkar, 37, showcases his trademark candour. In conversation with Political Correspondent Hugh O'Connell, Varadkar talks Brexit, Trump and the elephant in the room - does he want to be Taoiseach?

Hitting back at backbench claims he's "not Fine Gael enough", Varadkar says: "I am true blue Fine Gael. I joined the party. I made a conscious decision when I was 17 or 18 to join the party, got involved in college.

"I became an ordinary member, dropping leaflets, knocking on doors, putting up posters, came through the local authority as a councillor and ran for the Dáil. I actually can’t understand it."

He adds: "If you want to have Ireland to have the benefit of a Fine Gael-led government you have to be able to appeal to a much broader electorate than those who are steeped in the tradition of one party or born into the tradition of one party."

Don't miss the full entertaining interview, only in this weekend's Sunday Business Post.


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