Fianna Fáil stands ‘united’ as it claims to put identity crisis behind it

Fianna Fáil members appeared in a conciliatory mood after the party’s Cavan think-in where they assessed what had gone wrong in recent elections, discussed gender balance, housing, the leadership issue and their reaction to the Zappone affair

Senator Erin McGreehan (left) and Senator Catherine Ardagh talk to Taoiseach Micheál Martin at the think in at the Slieve Russell hotel in Cavan Picture: Conor McCabe

For what was billed as a showdown between rival factions within Fianna Fáil, the party’s think-in last week ended up being a somewhat tame affair.

A chirpy Micheál Martin met reporters towards the end of the two-day event in the Slieve Russel Hotel in Cavan and described the parliamentary party meeting as “open”, “honest” and “constructive”.

If there was one message Martin wanted to drive home, it was that the party now stood “united”, following ...