Exclusive Red C/Business Post poll: Sinn Féin shores up support while Fine Gael slips further back

Fine Gael is emitting plenty of bellicose rhetoric in the face of Sinn Féin’s continued rise, but the latest poll result is far from encouraging for Leo Varadkar

There was more good news for Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Féin in the latest Business Post/Red C poll. Picture: Getty

The results of the latest Business Post/Red C poll will satisfy Mary Lou McDonald as much as they worry Leo Varadkar.

Sinn Féin, unchanged at 33 per cent, has maintained its position as the party with the largest support in the three Red C polls taken since the return of the Dáil last September. But it is a different story for Fine Gael, which has fallen further behind Sinn Féin on this occasion, dropping three ...