Analysis: How Sinn Féin is dominating among younger and middle-aged voters

The latest Business Post/Red C poll suggests that Irish politics is now poised for a further shift away from what was once called ‘civil war politics’

Sinn Féin has the support of 41 per cent of male voters and 36 per cent of female voters. It is also dominant among younger and middle aged voters. It has the support of 40 per cent of 18-34 year olds, compared to 14 per cent for Fianna Fáil and 13 per cent for Fine Gael. Picture: PA

Sinn Féin has reinforced its status as the party-of-government in waiting, registering another record level of support in the latest Business Post/Red C poll.

There is a belief among government backbenchers that the cost of living crisis is proving a boon to the lead opposition party at a time of public dissatisfaction with the status quo. Mary Lou McDonald’s party, however, would likely point out that its support has been steadily rising over an extended ...