Analysis: DUP turmoil heightens tensions in North over ‘unsustainable’ protocol

With the DUP in chaos after the forced resignation of its new leader, and Sinn Féin circumventing the Executive on the lrish language deal, as well as Leo Varadkar raising the prospect of a united Ireland, the political tectonic plates are beginning to shift on the future of Northern Ireland

Edwin Poots resigned as DUP leader following an internal party revolt over a deal struck between the British government and Sinn Féin to circumvent the Northern Executive and introduce Irish language legislation through Westminster.. Picture: Getty

There is an old saying at the famous Sawers deli in Belfast, that if you can’t get what you’re looking for in Sawers, you can’t get it anywhere.

“That’s not the case anymore,” Kieran Sloan, managing director of Sawers told the Business Post.

Since the full effects of Brexit and the Northern Ireland protocol hit at the beginning of the year, new checks between Northern Ireland and Britain have resulted in varying levels of disruption ...