Trainer tells hearing Flyefit gym ‘exploited’ and ‘gaslit’ her

Ex-employee claims at WRC that she was not paid and had to carry out cleaning duties as well as fitness training at Flyefit

Flyefit has been taken to court by a former employee who claims she illegally exploited by the company because they did not pay her

Flyefit, the popular gym chain, has been accused of “exploiting” and “gaslighting” workers and of subjecting them to “indentured servitude”.

The accusation emerged in the hearing of a case taken by one of its former personal trainers, Eva Tretjakova, in the Workplace Relations Commission last week.

Tretjakova, who is represented by Herbots Solicitors, has taken an unfair dismissal case against the gym chain, which also involves a claim that she had been illegally exploited by ...