Revitalised Carton House looks forward to its new beginning

The hotel and estate in Co Kildare is welcoming its first guests since shutting its doors almost 18 months ago for a refurbishment

Martin Mangan, general manager of Carton House in Co Kildare: 'As soon as American clients get the green light, they will be on the plane.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

Martin Mangan had more reason than most to look forward to the reopening of hotels last week.

For the general manager of Carton House in Co Kildare, June 2 marked the first time any guest had been inside the property since it closed in early 2020 for a multimillion-euro refurbishment.

“It has been a fantastic first week,” Mangan said last Friday. “The entire estate could not look more wonderful. It’s a credit to the owners, ...