Productivity in construction has been ‘poor’ — new LDA boss

Cormac O’Rourke says builders ‘continue to execute a traditional site-based approach’ and the LDA will ‘encourage standardisation and modular construction’

There is a link between affordability and poor levels of productivity in the construction sector, according to Cormac O’Rourke, the new chairman of the Land Development Agency. Picture: Getty

Productivity in Ireland’s construction has been “poor” and out of line with other sectors of the economy, the new boss of the Land Development Agency, has said.

Cormac O’Rourke, previously chairman of Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), has been appointed the new chairman of the Land Development Agency (LDA), the state housing development body.

Today, addressing the Oireachtas Housing Committee, O’Rourke said the LDA will work with the government on policy drivers that could make housing ...