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Peter O’Dwyer: A simple ‘screw-up’ turns into another PR disaster for Ryanair

The low-cost airline's ‘accidental’ barring of journalists from its agm overshadowed what should have been a great news day

Michael O’Leary: the Ryanair chief executive wrote to reporters to apologise after they were mistakenly banned from the company’s agm. Picture: Arthur Carron

So Ryanair finally “f**ked up”. That was Michael O’Leary’s assessment after a summer in which the airline was one of the few major ones not to have struggled with the post-pandemic surge in demand.

Its mistake, according to the Ryanair chief executive, was banning journalists from an annual general meeting (agm) to which they had been invited. The airline later said the mess-up was caused by a mix-up between its investor relations and communications teams.