Pay cuts, job losses or both needed at Aer Lingus, says chief executive

Lynne Embleton says restructuring is necessary to ensure the short-term survival of the airline

Aer Lingus’s parent company International Airlines Group (IAG) reported a €1.1 billion operating loss for the first three months of 2021 as net debts soared to just under €12 billion. Picture: Artur Widak/NurPhoto

Lynne Embleton, chief executive of Aer Lingus, has warned that the airline will need to look at restructuring options such as pay cuts, job losses or a combination of both, to ensure the short-term survival of the airline.

“We’ve got to adapt to the near-term because right now Aer Lingus has got more resources than we need. We haven’t got any firm proposals today on what restructuring might look like,” Embleton said.

“We’re working on ...