Paddy McKillen: ‘I’m frightened of the lengths the Qataris will go to’

As court battle over €1.5 billion hotel deal goes on, Belfast property mogul says he is ‘frightened’ of the lengths his former business partners may go to

Paddy McKillen : ‘I’ve successfully fought massive battles against Nama and the Barclay brothers but this battle is different’. Picture: Max Miechowski

Paddy McKillen doesn’t do many interviews, but when the BBC wanted to film the six-year refurbishment of Claridge’s, one of London’s most famous luxury hotels, he made himself available.

The figure who occasionally popped up in interviews peppered throughout the short series was a quietly-spoken, soft-featured, mild-mannered man in his mid-60s, dressed in a crisp suit and open-necked shirt.

The documentary voice-over subtly but regularly intimated that it was Paddy — or, “boss Paddy”, as ...