‘Much improved’: Lily O’Brien’s chocolate rebuilds after pandemic as revenues rise

Luxury chocolate company reported turnover of €26m in 2021 as its headcount rose to 221

Mary Ann O’Brien, the founder of Lily O’Brien’s. Picture: Feargal Ward

Lily O’Brien’s, the luxury Irish confectionery company, reported a “much improved year” in 2021 as its turnover rose to €26 million and its headcount grew by more than a fifth.

The firm, which is owned by Colian Holdings, a Polish food manufacturer, also increased its operating profit to €868,974 in the period, turning around a 2020 which had been heavily impacted by the pandemic.

In newly filed accounts, Lily’s said the sales bump it enjoyed – a €3.8 million increase compared to the year before – was largely due to strong growth in the Irish and British retail markets. In 2020, turnover came to €22.63 million.