Micheál Martin rules out landlord tax breaks ahead of Budget

Tánaiste says government will avoid ‘knee-jerk’ reactions when considering incentives to stem the flow of landlords out of rental sector

Micheál Martin: “Any one measure could have unintended consequences. It’s got to be fully fleshed through and the budget is the proper context for doing that.” Picture: RollingNews.ie

Tánaiste Micheál Martin has ruled out the government introducing measures to encourage landlords to stay in the rental market before Budget 2024.

Last week, data released by the Residential Tenancies Board showed a significant increase in the amount of landlords who issued notices to quit to tenants. A total of 4,741 notices of termination were sent to tenants in July, August and September of 2022 – up from 1,666 during the previous three-month period.

Martin ...