Michael O’Leary’s phone records, texts and Whatsapp messages to be searched as part of lawsuit Ryanair is taking

A High Court judge made the decision after the court heard airline’s chief executive ‘doesn’t do email’

Michael O’Leary’s records will be searched as part of a High Court case in which Ryanair is suing Forsa and 11 named pilots over claims that the airline lost €13.7 million as the result of a proposed strike in August 2019. Picture: Rollingnews.ie

Michael O’Leary’s phone records, texts, and Whatsapp messages must be searched as part of a lawsuit his airline is taking against a trade union representing pilots, a High Court judge has ruled.

Mr Justice Brian O’Moore made the discovery decision today after a court heard earlier this week that the chief executive of Ryanair “doesn’t do email”. The decision means Ryanair is required to conduct a search of its chief executive’s communications for documents sought ...