Longford County Council apologises for telling man to remove fence it erected

Authority informed the structure was not on the landowner’s land and had been ‘in fact erected’ by the council’s own environment department

Liam Madden, Louis Herterich’s planning consultant: In his letter to Longford County Council, Madden said that Herterich had “no hand, act or part in the design or erection or financing of the fence”. Picture: Shelley Corcoran

Longford County Council has apologised for demanding that a local landowner remove an unauthorised fence which the council itself had erected.

The demand was made by the council’s enforcement division to Louis Herterich, a local butcher and property developer, in a letter which the Business Post has seen.

The enforcement division told Herterich that “it has come to the attention of Longford County Council that a new palisade gate and fence have recently been erected ...