Liquidator of Dolphin Trust-linked company steps aside as his replacement is confirmed

Anthony Fitzpatrick asked to be substituted as the liquidation of RE Administration had gone on for far longer than he expected

Charles Smethurst, founder of the collapsed Dolphin Trust (later called German Property Group), and his wife Manou Lenz at an event in 2015 in Berlin. Picture: Getty

The liquidator of a company linked to the collapsed German Property Group (GPG) has been replaced, according to documents filed in the companies registration office.

Anthony Fitzpatrick was removed as liquidator of RE Administration by the company’s directors last week, and Colin Gaynor, a principal accountant at Resolute Advisory, a Dublin-based firm, was appointed to replace him. RE Administration was formerly called Dolphin IG Limited.

Fitzpatrick had previously said in court filings that RE Administration, ...