Jeweller Chupi sets her own gold standard

In response to Brexit, recession and pandemic, the Irish heirloom maker moved fully into online sales and a higher price point – and it is paying off

Chupi Sweetman, founder of Chupi, the jewellery business: ‘The change that we envisaged happening over several years had to happen almost overnight.’ Pic: Brendan Duffy

Chupi, the Irish luxury jewellery business, has accelerated its growth targets in the face of the challenges of the pandemic and Brexit, its founder said.

Chupi Sweetman started the business in 2013 and has grown it from a mid-market jewellery brand selling mainly through physical shops, into a luxury online retailer with €5 million in annual sales.

The pandemic fast-forwarded a range of growth and sales plans.

“The change that we envisaged happening over several ...