In the bag – biodegradable plastics firm raises £20m from investors

Niall Dunne’s Polymateria secures further funding for its groundbreaking technology

Niall Dunne, chief executive of Polymateria: ‘We founded Polymateria to make a real difference to one of the world’s biggest environmental challenges’. Picture: Bryan Meade

Polymateria, an Irish-led company which makes fully biodegradable plastics that break down in under a year, has raised £20 million (€22.6 million) from investors.

The proceeds from the funding are to be used to accelerate the commercialisation of the company’s ground-breaking technology.

Polymateria’s “biotransformation technology” safely returns commonly polluted plastic items to nature without leaving any microplastics or toxic residue, and has gained significant traction among customers worldwide.

Led by Niall Dunne, who previously served as ...