IDA chief warns that Ireland must do a ‘huge amount’ to remain attractive after tax deal

In a stark warning to the coalition, Shanahan said the government must grapple with a range of issues from the housing crisis to potential energy shortages to remain competitive

Martin Shanahan, chief executive at IDA Ireland: The country’s issues ‘have to be addressed for citizens as much as for FDI, but it’s clear that Ireland is attractive and that attractiveness in part relates to the experience of the investors who are already here’

Ireland has a “huge amount” to do to remain competitive in attracting overseas investment, the head of the IDA has warned following the government’s decision to relinquish the country’s long-held 12.5 per cent corporation tax rate for multinationals.

Martin Shanahan, the chief executive at IDA Ireland, said the country remained competitive and attractive to foreign multinationals as evidenced by an “extraordinarily strong” flow of investments this year which had recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

He added ...