‘Hyperinflation’ poses fresh challenge for Trinity’s €100m E3 learning institute

Leaked documents show the college’s board was warned that rising costs and nearly 30 claims from the main contractor could impact plans for the project

Trinity College: Covid-19, Brexit and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are posing significant issues when it comes to the cost of its E3 development. Picture: Getty

Trinity’s plan to build a new €100 million research institute on its campus faces obstacles such as soaring construction costs and a rising number of claims from the project’s main contractor, leaked documents show.

Ireland’s oldest university is confronting fresh uncertainties over the fate of its flagship Engineering, Environment and Emerging Technologies (E3) Institute, which it has previously called a “visionary project at a scale which is unprecedented in Ireland”.

Confidential documents presented at a meeting of Trinity’s board in June, obtained by the Business Post, show that supply chain problems and “hyperinflation” are posing new risks to the development of the E3 Institute.