Guinness begins use of electric trucks and vans

This week the brewer began trial use of an electric heavy goods vehicle from St James’s Gate to Dublin Port

Pictured is Hilary Quinn, marketing director, Diageo Ireland, alongside one of the first electric Guinness vehicles, which will be on the road from this summer and an electric vehicle which is being used in a trial this week to transport bulk beer in the Guinness tankers from St James’s Gate to Dublin Port.

Guinness has announced the introduction of 20 electric vehicles this year, including four electricity-powered trucks and fifteen vans as part of its zero emissions strategy.

The vehicles are to be leased in an initial trial of the transport technology.

This week a heavy goods vehicle, already used by Guinness around the brewery, began a trial, transporting beer in bulk via tankers from St James’s Gate to Dublin Port. The aim of the Dublin Port trial ...