Global corporate tax rate could be set at ‘a bit’ more than 15 per cent, OECD tax chief says

The agreement will go ahead whether Ireland signs up or not. Paschal Donohoe argues that ‘we’re not going to sign up or endorse an agreement that doesn’t protect our fundamental interests as a small country’

Pascal Saint-Amans, director of the OECD centre for tax policy and administration: ‘We just have to firm up a few numbers’. Picture: Getty

The global minimum tax rate due to be agreed by global leaders later this year could end up being a “a bit” higher than 15 per cent and will go ahead even if Ireland refuses to sign up to the agreement, the head of tax reform at the OECD has said.

Pascal Saint-Amans, the director of tax policy and administration at the OECD and the main architect of the proposed global tax reforms currently under ...