GAA live scores app turns down gambling sponsors

Score Beo founder Fergus Grimes says the addiction problem in the sport compelled him to refuse a partnership with six companies in the sector

Fergus Grimes, founder of Score Beo: ‘Even club level of GAA is littered with gambling.’ Picture: Barry Cronin

Score Beo, a GAA live scores app, has said it turned down offers of sponsorship from six gambling companies on ethical grounds.

Fergus Grimes, founder of the business, said the issue of gambling addiction across the GAA meant it was impossible for the business to consider accepting such partnerships.

“Most leading gambling companies want to be a part of what we’re doing. I’m trying to build the app on the ethos of the GAA, which means no gambling or alcohol advertising. I understand it’s great entertainment but I realised some families can be affected by it and it can be devastating for them,” he told the Business Post.