Free Now boss says taxi shortage is due to rise in demand and fewer drivers

Niall Carson says there has been a huge surge in demand as more people have become more digitally native and moved to hailing taxis through apps

Niall Carson, general manager of FreeNow Ireland: ‘On the supply front, there is an issue.’ Picture: Conor McCabe

A combination of increased demand and falling numbers of drivers has led to the current shortage of taxis, Niall Carson, the general manager of FreeNow Ireland, has said.

There have been multiple reports in recent months of people struggling to get taxis, particularly at peak times, as the economy fully reopened following Covid-19 restrictions.

“On the supply front, there is an issue. Over the last ten years we have seen a 30 per cent decrease in the taxi fleet in Ireland, and that has been more pronounced in the last two years with the start of Covid, where it dropped 10 per cent,” Carson told the Business Post.